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Wild Lion Attack Simulator 3D

4.2 ( 7392 ratings )
Hry Zábava Role-Playing Simulation
Vývojář: Muhammad Alamgir

Let’s play as the real lion in this Wild Lion Attack Simulator and dominate the wildlife world of jungle safari, where the Lion, the king of jungle, ruler of the wildest, with master hunting instincts and an appetite for killing, is angry and ready to attack in the wildest run chase into the open safari and deep jungle, presenting the king of jungle in the Wild Lion Attack Simulator 3D a game to see the ruler of jungle in full action packed game of angry lion.

The roar of a real wild lion is ferocious and an unmatched call of victory and bravery, the wild lion is out in the jungle safari with his lioness and cubs in search of food, you can simulate the wild lion and can hunt for prey like Deer, Zebras, Boars, Foxes, Wolves, Hippos, Rhinos, Bears, Gorillas, Elephants, evolve your angry lion attack and hunt. Wild Lion Attack Simulator is a realistic game where you can play the role of a real angry and ferocious lion with unmatched hunting and chasing skills. He is the true king of all other animal simulators. You control this beautiful beast as he hunts his way to victory.

While simulating and playing the role as a Wild Lion in safari jungle, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of the safari and hunting down other animals that get in your way. Beware, as African safari and deer hunting season is over, be watchful and alert, as master assassins and sharp sniper shooters and hunters who played the role in hunting down African tiger shooter and dinosaur sniper shooter are hiding and stalking into the jungle to hunt down the angry and wild lion. Release your primal intuition and show your wild side! In this game, you take control of a furious wild Lion that pounces and attacks its prey. The safari jungle and dark forest is your hunting playground, and your fellow animals will become your prey, as you are searching for food while simulating into the deep jungle.

Stalk, chase, run and attack throughout the wild jungle and forest theme. Attack all animals on your way, there are so many other scary beasts and wild animals, experience the extreme angry wild lion attack on animals to feel the real game to have fun!! Wild Lion Attack Simulator, an amazing game, with classic and crazy game play and animation! Not in your wildest dreams could you have imagined how it feels to be a real Angry Wild Lion when it’s in an attacking mode. You are the ruler! You are the King! Feel like one…Feel the rush in your blood as you prepare to attack and devour your prey without scaring them or letting them survive. Roar and run through the jungle with real Angry Wild Lion Simulator game, your strategy should be, Attack and kill all, to survive.

Be a wild beast and feed your hungry nature. Some wild animals might resist on your attack and pounce on you, so beware and go for the kill. Wild Lion Attack Simulator is an action based simulator and thriller game, be a hunter or be hunted. Make all animals victim with your ferocity and powerful claws and sharp teeth, this is your chance.

Rampage the safari jungle wildlife and forest to get your revenge. Smash everything in the jungle. The real wild lion simulator with realistic animal physics and amazing 3D environment.